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Urgent Care

iStock 000018037741XSmallWe offer fast, quality care for all ages by board certified MD's.
No appointment needed, cost less, open 7 days/week & most holidays.
Onsite X-Ray, EKG & Lab

Our urgent care practice offers a valuable alternative to both your primary care physician and the Emergency room. Our urgent care has a reputation for providing the most timely and efficient service to safely and thoroughly address your urgent medical condition. Redi-Med is the most responsive and cost-effective choice for treatment of most injuries and other medical conditions. Redi-Med Urgent Care is the way to go.

Sometimes your primary care doctor is unavailable, and you just don't want to wait. Daytime, evenings, weekends and holidays, Redi-Med is here for you when you need that quality health care from a compassionate, caring medical staff that can help you feel better today. Redi-Med physicians & staff are dedicated to provide you with comprehensive healthcare & maintain your optimal health. In addition to treating a variety of illnesses, we focus on prevention by teaching you and your family the best options to get healthy and keeping it that way. We look forward to providing you with outstanding medical services and health care. Call us today at (985) 626-3470.

RediMed vs. Emergency Room

• RediMed provides American Board Certified Physicians
• Low Cost Effective Care
• Low Co-Payment
• Minimal Wait-time
• No Appointments
• Private Discounted Payment for Uninsured Patients
• Fast, Convenient Individualized Patient Care


We Treat All Minor Illness Such as:

• Sinus and Respiratory Allergies
• Infections and Abscesses
• Lumbar skeletal pain
• Gastrointestinal Ailments
• Headaches
• Rashes, Allergic reactions and Skin Infections
• Flu Symptoms
• STD Evaluation and Treatment
• Vitamin deficiency or immunizations
• School, Work and DMV physicals
• Plus many more


We Treat All Minor Emergency Trauma/ Injuries Such As:

• Abrasions
• Animal and Insect Bites
• Minor Burns
• Eye Injuries
• Nose Bleeds
• Splinters
• Sprains
• Strains
• Cast Check
• Plus many more


Our Services Provide:

★ In house blood draw/ urinalysis test including
        • Cholesterol Screening
        • Complete Blood Count
        • Anaemia Testing
        • Liver Function Test
        • Potassium Levels
        • Sodium Levels
        • Platelet Levels
        • Pregnancy Test
★ Blood Pressure Screening
★ Vision Screening
★ Comprehensive Blood Test Panel
        • Blood Sugar Test
        • Kidney Function Evaluation
★ Blood Protein Levels
★ Instant Strep Test
★ Instant Mono Spot
★ Flu Shot
★ Instant Drug Screening
★ X-Rays and EKG
★ Sports, Camp, and School Physicals
★ Employment Physicals
★ Immunizations
★ Travel Immunizations
★ Paediatrics care for 2 years and above

We also offer quality off-site testing that is sent out to nationally recognized labs as per your insurance plans. For example, we work with LabCorp and Quest Diagnostic. They provide us with a 24-48 hour turnaround time.


Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies Such As:

• Wide variety of splints for sprains or fractures
• Crutches
• Sling
• Shoulder Immobilizer
• Walking Boots
• Ace Bandage


Use Redi-Med Family Care For Instances Like:

• Maintenance of Hypertension
• Maintenance of Heart problems
• Maintenance of Diabetes
• Gastrointestinal disorders
• Asthma
• Bronchitis
• Abscess incision and drainage
• Wound infection


When to go to the Emergency Room?

• Difficulty Breathing
• Loss of Consciousness
• Signs of A Heart Attack (e.g. chest pain lasting longer than two minutes)
• Signs of a stroke (e.g. sudden numbness, confusion, loss of vision)
• Vomiting or Coughing Up Blood
• Traumatic Head Injury
• Compound Fracture (bone protrudes through skin)
• Sudden, Severe Stomach Pain
• Suspected Poisoning
• Unexplained Drowsiness or Disorientation
• High fever (104◦ or higher for a child; 101◦ or higher for an infant)
• Suicidal or Homicidal Feelings

For any of the above, please call 911 for ambulance services to take you to the Emergency Room.

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