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Occupational Care

Redi-Med commits to the need of our clients with low-cost physicals, drug, and lab testing. We work closely with our patients & safety managers to reduce cases and hours spent in the office.

A healthy workforce is a fundamental cornerstone for a healthy business. Injured employees can cost a company worker's compensation expenses as well as loss production time. Occupational medicine focuses on the prevention, evaluation, treatment and resolution for a healthy a workplace. Our staff is trained to evaluate the cause of injury and illness by taking past history, assessing work conditions, as well as looking at all other factors so that injuries and illnesses are properly classified. We strive to ensure the safe return of our workers.. Our physicians work very closely with their patients and their company's safety regulation managers to reduce the number of recorded cases and to manage the lost hours.

Northshore Redi-Med Clinic is committed to fulfilling all the occupational health needs of our clients while keeping expenses to a minimum. We offer all of your company needs from pre-employment physicals to hearing and fitness tests. We provide injury treatment/prevention on a walk-in basis. We are open 7 days a week and most holidays. Our goal is to keep workers healthy and to decrease reportable cases to OSHA.

We specialize in occupational medicine services. We are proud to provide a wide variety of professional medical services. Our goal is to restore your workers’ health and return them to the job as quickly and safely as possible to reducing lost time and OSHA record ability for the employers whenever possible.

REDI-MED OCCUPATIONAL CARE is dedicated to providing these services with a personal touch. We understand that it is imperative that we respond with the utmost speed and accuracy, when reporting an employee's test results. We are striving to provide you with results in a timely manner to reduce lost hours at work.

Special billing services are available under our Occupational Medicine Services Program. Arrangements can be made to establish an account for accredited businesses, as determined on a case-by-case basis. For additional information about our Occupational Medicine Services Program, please contact our occupational specialist, Yumeka Ard, at (985) 626-3470.

Redi-Med Occupational Care Offer Some of the Following But Is Not Limited to:

★ Evaluation and treatment of Workers' Compensation injuries
★ Executive physicals for Company Employers, CEOs, and key managers.
★ Pre-employment physicals
        • Fit and Grip Strength Test
        • On Site Drug Screen Collection
        • Audiograms (baseline testing for employees with potential exposure to noise)
        • Tuberculosis (TB) screening
        • Pulmonary Function Testing
★ Annual physicals
★ DOT Physicals
★ Drug screenings and collections
★ Drugs of Abuse Rapid Drug Screening
★ Medical review officer (MRO) Services
★ Electrocardiograms (EKG)
★ Post Injury Screens
★ X-Rays
★ Laboratory Testing
★ Minor Emergency Care due to accidents at work place
★ Urgent Injury Recovery program
★ Workers Comp Injuries/timely recovery/Follow-Up Care
★ Injury treatment/ prevention
★ Immunizations
★ Common vaccines


Redi-Med Communication and Health Record Maintenance:

• Computerized Charting
• Digital copies of images online through Redi-Pass (Patient Portal)
• Open communication with safety managers
• Complete Patient Forms / Insurance Information online to minimize your wait time.

NOTE: Medical records and drug testing RESULTS are currently provided to companies via secured online digital records or by fax transmission.


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